Seasonal Flu Vaccine

Protect yourself this winter and get your seasonal Flu Vaccine at Everest Pharmacy.

Walk-In Everest Medic Clinic

Our team at Everest Pharmacy is dedicated to providing our patients with expert health care. With Everest Medic, you can get a general health check or use our Consult and Treat service.

Obagi Medical Skincare

Elevate your skin health with Obagi Medical® in Manchester


Explore this non-invasive therapy that offers many benefits including treatment for hyperpigmentation.

Everest Travel Clinic

Here at Everest Pharmacy, we are your comprehensive Travel Clinic in Greater Manchester.

Work for Everest

Have you been impacted by Pharmacy Job Cuts? Come and work for us!

Free Blister Pack Service

Everest Pharmacy can organise your medication for you with our Free Blister Pack Service

Private Covid Vaccine

Available for those who are not eligible under the NHS.

Private ADHD Testing

In collaboration with Makewell Pharmacy. Get in touch today if interested and we will contact you to book an appointment.

Adult ADHD Testing

Adult ADHD Tests in Manchester Welcome to Everest Pharmacy, where we understand the evolving ...

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NHS Hypertension Screening Service

NHS Hypertension Screening Service in Manchester Everest Pharmacy is proud to offer an NHS ...

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Obagi Skincare

Discover Your Best Skin Yet with Obagi Skincare at Everest Pharmacy What is Obagi ...

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IV Infusion

Get Your Vitamin IV Infusion in Manchester Vitamin IV infusion, also known as a ...

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Expert Cryotherapy in Manchester Cryotherapy is a medical procedure that involves the use of ...

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Weight Management Pen

What is the Weight Management Pen? The Weight Management Pen is an injection consisting ...

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Founded in 2009 with the aim of bringing the best pharmacy services and healthcare advice to the community, Everest Pharmacy is a chain of leading independent pharmacies based in Manchester.

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Everest Pharmacy is a leading independent community pharmacy and healthcare provider based in Manchester.

nhs sinus infection treatment

Sinusitis: Symptoms, Causes, and Effective Management

NHS Sinus Infection Treatment Sinusitis is a common condition affecting millions of individuals worldwide, characterised by inflammation of the sinus cavities. While it may seem like a mere inconvenience, ...

eczema relief

Managing Eczema: A Guide from Everest Pharmacy

Eczema Relief in Manchester At Everest Pharmacy, we understand the struggles that come with managing eczema, and we’re here to support you every step of the way. Eczema, also ...

Conquer Hay Fever with Everest Pharmacy: Your Guide to Relief

Get Hay Fever Treatment in Manchester If you’re one of the many individuals in Manchester enduring the sneezing, itchy eyes, and general discomfort that comes with hay fever, you’re ...

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“Absolutely fantastic service from start to finish, Salima and the team were amazing”

George Brown

“Went for my covid vaccine today and it was so quick and efficient, the staff were super friendly and the nurse giving me my jab was very good at distracting me when I told him I was phobic of needles. Fantastic staff”

Aimee Richards

“I had my first vaccination here and I’m not joking when I say it is done with military precision. Staff were super friendly and I was in and out of the vaccination room in less than 10 seconds. Would recommend coming here for your jab!”

Hannah Menzies

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