Get Your Prescriptions in Manchester

Dispensing NHS Prescriptions is at the core of our Pharmacy business and we pride ourselves on the high levels of service Everest Pharmacy offers our prescription customers.

Whatever your prescription needs, at Everest Pharmacy we make it our business to meet your expectations.

We each live busy lives so we aim to fulfil your prescription in a way that suits you best. If you choose to remain in the Pharmacy whilst we make up your prescription, the efficient and effective systems we have established in our Dispensary ensure that we can provide you with your medication in a timely manner, cutting your waiting time to a minimum.

At Everest Pharmacy our prescription waiting time is usually very short, however we are always happy to prepare your prescription and then hold it for you if you have other business to do nearby.

Ordering Your Prescription

You can order your prescriptions online easily.

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If you’d like to nominate our pharmacy for your repeat prescriptions, you can do so here.

You are also welcome to drop-in to our pharmacy or contact us for further enquiries.